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Anet A8 to AM8 conversion

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    Originally posted by Ender5r View Post
    Ah, so it has digital zoom. That could be useful (obviously not as high quality as a zoom lens, but we're not talking about fine art here after all). Do you know if the digital zoom is available from within OctoPrint (I'm just now investigating some of the plugin modules for for OP)?
    Actually the camera itself has no digital zoom. I mean a digital zoom is just a post processing operation, you likely won´t do in a camera. The resolution of the camera is quite good. I have one that I sometimes turn to the street. I can even read the licence plates when cars drive by. It has a video resolution of FullHD.

    There exist compatible "high quality" cameras which come with an huge lense at the front, but that is overkill for a 3d printer. The module I use is the standard one you get for around 6 bucks. When I bought it about three years ago it was around 30 euro. At this price you get modules with IR lighting, which may be useful for printers when using them without light, like I do.

    You can also plug in a USB web cam. It will work just fine. At least if it is a modern one, which does not need a driver.

    OctoPrint just redirects the image to the browser, so if you zoom in using your browser you have your digital zoom


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      Many actual cameras, even cheap ones, do have digital zoom but, you're right, not usually at these prices. I agree, a fancy camera is overkill for 3D. I'm looking for a camera that can give me a full view of the printbed from a relatively close distance (so, a fairly wide angle), but I can then zoom in to see closer detail. Zooming a browser window is a compromise, but 1 I can probably live with. I have located an OctoPrint plugin that can zoom the webcam stream to full screen simply by double-clicking. I like that idea.