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  • Suggested Topics for FreeCAD videos

    Hey folks. I could use your help. Please suggest some topics for future FreeCAD videos so we can continue to learn together.


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    If you had asked me a couple days ago, I would have said do a video with strategies for getting around FreeCADs issues with doing fillets. Fillets seem to bring FreeCAD to its knees.

    If you had asked me yesterday, I would have said a replacement hotend cover for the Ender 3 V2 that accommodates Noctua fans, their buck converters, and an integrated mount for a BL-Touch.

    Today I've moved on to wanting a Raspberry Pi 4 case that includes an open slot for the Pi Cam ribbon cable and is designed to mount in the slot of a 20x20 extruded rail like used in the Ender and other printers.

    But those are probably better-suited for my own learning projects than a general audience tutorial.

    What about Ender5's seat post mounted bag handle hook? That's something many people would enjoy making for themselves.


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      Yes, finding a way to re-create the headrest post bag hook (with all the filleting I managed to achieve in F360) in FCAD would be a great tutorial IMHO.


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        Excellent suggestions. Right now I am creating a series of videos about designing and 3d printing a travel chess set and board in FreeCAD with parametric design so you can easily resize the pieces.

        Based on other posts I have read many of the forum contributors are much more advanced CAD users than me. My contribution is just explaining things in a way that makes it easier for novices to use these tools. This is consistent with my goals for this forum. I hoped to create a place where I could learn from my viewers, build a community of makers, and then communicate what I learn on the channel.

        Another goal for this forum and my YouTube channel are that most if not all DrVax content are free. I will be adding more content over time that is available to registered forum users at no cost. For example FreeCAD models, STL files, and printer profiles. YouTube advertising and affiliate links provide me with the income to pay for the DrVax website hosting, vBulletin for hosting this forum, and for supplies and devices I talk about on the channel.

        Since you can skip ads and have no obligation to use affiliate links I think I have found a way to support DrVax that is fair to everyone. I am interested in folk's observations about this economic model.


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          Your videos are the first I saw on FreeCAD and got me interested in actually using it, so good work there! I think you can definitely fill a niche with some well-produced videos that are good for novices and then progress at a good pace. There aren't many good tutorials out there tbh, I had to do a patchwork of things that I found useful.

          I think a good subject to look at is how to design useful parts that are supposed to fit together, so something with multiple bodies. You can talk about how to make holes for fasteners like screws, and how to make parts fit together with tolerances for example. Maybe it's a case or a box for something, or any other useful device really. Also, if you could introduce dynamic data at some point, that would be great. I've started to use it instead of spreadsheets, and they work quite well.


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            Not really a topic, but I think it's worth pointing out to newbies that print-in-place multi-part models don't necessarily have to print perfectly. It's OK to design a model with small connector bits that hold the pieces in place while printing and then break them loose after the print is complete.


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              Thanks for the suggestions. I will be doing a set of videos that will include hinges and other multiple part strategies. Thanks for sharing.