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Ender 3v2 BLTouch blinking red

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  • Ender 3v2 BLTouch blinking red

    Hi everyone,

    i followed the video tutorial by Drvax and installed the BLTouch. Everything works fine thanks to his good tutorial.
    but now the BLTouch sometimes fails to home at the start of the Print. It happens total randomly at any point of the grid.
    I uploaded a video where you can see what is exactly happening.
    hope someone can help to fix this issue

    cheers Michael

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    I have this exact same issue with my Ender 3 V2. It fails at random points and is very inconsistent. Have you found a solution to this yet?


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      Interesting. I have not seen this and unfortunately do not have an answer. The first thing I always check is if the cables are all tight. Intermittent issues are often loose cables and the connections for the BLTouch on the control board are loose to start with.


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        There was one time when I saw my BL-Touch blinking at startup when I turned on the printer. It still functioned properly, but just kept blinking. It blinked at a slower rate than shown in Michael's video above. A Google search turned up that one cause is that the BL-Touch attempts to drop its pin at startup a couple of times and if it fails to do so it blinks the error. In my case all I had to do was power cycle my Ender to fix the issue. Perhaps my nozzle was too close to the bed to drop its pin the first time I turned it on? But I don't know.